Our Team

Board of Directors


Dr. Evan Fewsmith

Dr. Evan Fewsmith

Board President, Executive Director

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Jill Boultinghouse

Jill Boultinghouse, M.A., M.F.T.

Board Vice President

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Terry Campbell

Terry Campbell

Board Secretary (Daughter of US Veteran)

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Barbara Deming

Barbara Deming

Board Treasurer

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 Wendy Cariello

Board Member

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Charles “Chuck” Cox

Board Member (US Veteran)

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John Martin B ccropped-9632

John Martin

Board Member
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Bob Greenberg, board member photo

Bob Greenberg

Board Member
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Images & bios coming soon for:
Karen Firestone, Advisor to the Board, Political Liaison

Jill Boultinghouse, MFT, EMDR Trained, Programs Director

Connie Thomas, MA, LMFT, Clinical Director

Tom Buckley, PR, Marketing and Outreach

Los Angeles County:

John Howard, LA Workshops and Veteran Outreach Director

Jennifer Carillo, MFT intern

Andrew Blum, USC SW Trainee, Marine

Kim Nance, LMFT, EMDR Certified

Orange County:

Vincent Lin, ASW (USC School of Social Work, Military), EMDR Trained

Kate Bryan, MFT (Santiago Canyon College)

Tracy Turner, MFT trainee, US Vet Outreach Coordinator

Andrew Blum, USC SW Trainee, Marine

Edward Gallegos, US Veterans, MFT intern (VetNet Site only)

Donysia Green-Gilmore, LCSW, EMDR Trained

Greg Clemons, US Marine Veteran Outreach Coordinator

Tony Guilder, Golf Pro
Jerry Woods, Golf Workshop

Jacqi Haas, Financial Advisor, Financial Workshop Educator

Golf Fundraising Committee:

Jill Boultinghouse, Chairwoman

Junior Sperazza

Volunteer Coordinator:

Jo Wells


Marcella Chiappetta

Administrative Assistants:

Parnia Abrishamchian and Patricia

Available Programs

SIS serves all military and family members, including active, non-active, reserve, guard, or veteran, from any branch of the military to address their challenges in a timely, competent, and supportive manner. All ages are welcome, and while no family will be turned away, most are low-income. As described in our mission statement, SIS structures its programs on three pillars:


Building on the experience of its founders in offering low fee and pro bono mental health services to veterans and their families, SIS allows our military, our vets and their families to receive low-cost (and free if necessary) individual, couple, family, or group therapy and counseling each week. Read on »


There are many reasons why our clients choose to enter our mentorship program. Our mentorship program can help you manage conflict and stress, as well as ease the transition of deployment or reintegration into civilian life. Our mentors are veterans and spouses of veterans who can act like a friend and guide. Read on »

Educational Workshops


Clippers Game on November 7, 2016 at 7:30pm

Next SIS Educational Workshops

Oct 13, 2016 What is SIS? And what are Behavioral Health Services?

Santa Ana College VRC

Nov 17, 2016 at Santa Ana College

Finances US Veterans and Their Families

Leader: SIS Jaci Haas


SIS workshops are founded in the belief that not everything therapeutic happens in a counseling room. Often the social, educational and physical components of our workshops offer just the right help one needs!

Educational Workshops:

Financial Planning, VA Home Loan Benefits, Resume Building, Salary Negotiations, Wellness Education, and more….

Read on »

Serving Those Who Served Us

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our mission

The mission of Strength In Support is to provide mental health services to military personnel, veterans and their families, including individual and family therapy, mentorship and education to address all areas of our heroes well being.



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