Our Team | Stewart Navarre

Mr. Navarre not only has his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Chemistry from the U.S. Naval Academy, but also has an MBA from the University of Evansville. Most impressively, he was a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps and commanded over 5,000 members of a task force executing military activities to resolve national security challenges worldwide. He managed seven major military bases including Camp Pendelton and 29 Palms, California, housing over 100,000 military and family members and employing over 160,000 personnel.

Mr. Navarre is proud to not only bring his military experience to Strength in Support, but also his work and dedication in research to improve mental health prescription accuracy, as well as find new breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry to improve medication in the mental health field. Mr. Navarre has worked professionally with MYnd Analytics Inc. providing groundbreaking research technology to improve the accuracy of prescribing medication to the mental health community.