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Dr. Evan Fewsmith

Dr. Evan Fewsmith holds both a Masters Degree in Marriage Family and Child Therapy, as well as a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is a licensed mental health professional who currently is in private practice in southern California. Dr. Fewsmith has worked with domestic violence shelters, probation camps, drug court, and family mental health clinics. He specializes in depression, anxiety, chemical/alcohol abuse and dependency, adult survivors of abuse and trauma.

Dr. Fewsmith founded Strength In Support as a result of years of being inundated with pro bono work with veterans and their families, who were not receiving any mental health services. Many of these veterans and their families came in secret because of the stigmatization of mental health issues in the military. Most had no means to pay the expense of private therapeutic services. It quickly became apparent that one man in private practice could only do so much good, and that other alternatives were required. After confiding in other colleagues who were experiencing a similar phenomenon, the idea for Strength In Support was born.

The work of a few compassionate clinicians combined with some concerned and caring citizens has now exponentially grown into an entire organization that is developing the ability to serve countless veterans and their families.

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