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Jill Boultinghouse

Jill Boultinghouse is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), an executive and life coach and a co-founder of Strength in Support. Both her MFT and coaching practices are in Orange County, California. Jill has worked clinically and professionally with veterans and their families for over a decade in her private practices, at the University of Phoenix and at Alton School. She brings all of her education, training and experience to Strength in Support. Jill is utilizing her previous participation in her work with some of Orange County’s most successful non-profits, such as Olivecrest, Mariposa Women’s Center, Vocational Visions, Special Olympics and Junior League to foster Strength in Support as one of the most accessible and successful mental health centers in southern California. Her vision of success is that each client of Strength in Support finds growth and healing at psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Her tenaciousness and passion to serve our country’s heroic servicemen, servicewomen, and their families has expanded from volunteering clinic time as a therapist to board duties.

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