Our three pillars

We believe our holistic approach of service with a combination of individualized clinical treatment, mentoring, and workshops can help veterans progress toward healing and reengagement in community life.

Our staff and volunteers acknowledge and understand the sacrifices these families make, and we are passionate about doing whatever we can to meet their needs.


We serve all military and family members, including active, non-active, reserve, guard, or veteran, from any branch of the military to address their challenges in a timely, competent, and supportive manner. 


Our mentorship program can help you manage conflict and stress, as well as ease the transition of deployment or reintegration into civilian life. Our mentors are veterans and spouses of veterans who can act like a friend and guide.

Vet to Vet Mentorship

Workshop - Educational

We offer educational workshops delivered by partner organizations and volunteers in applicable fields, including topics such as understanding relevant laws, workforce development, and finance for veterans. The unique laws for service men and women are not well known and often difficult to navigate without guidance.  Monthly workshops help address general issues that many veterans face, from getting back into the civilian workforce to filing taxes correctly.

Workshop - Recreational

Our workshops are founded in the belief that not everything therapeutic happens in a counseling room. Often the social, educational and physical components of our workshops offer just the right help one needs. SIS offers volunteer-taught recreational workshops and activities to facilitate trust and kinship. Many of these workshops (such as our golf and snowboarding retreats) help keep veterans physically active, a proven way to facilitate better health, connect with new friends, and break down isolation.  SIS works in partnership with community facilities to offer expert trainers and volunteers who understand the importance of physical activity for the mind and body.

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