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What We Do


Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families 

Building on the experience of its founders in offering pro bono mental health services to veterans and their families, SIS allows our military, our vets and their families to receive free or low-cost individual, couple, family, or group therapy and counseling each week. SIS therapists help clients deal with isolation, PTSD, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, employment/educational problems, marital issues, and the long process of transitioning back to “normal” life at home, preventing serious violence and suicide and enabling veterans to reintegrate as smoothly as possible. SIS currently offers sessions in its Laguna Hills location, as well as Veteran’s First in Santa Ana. In 2014, we will expand our counseling services to Los Angeles and Temecula. To schedule an appointment today with a counselor, call (949) 505-5015 ext 102. Read on »


A unique SIS offering, mentorship by veterans and family members helps new veterans and their families deal with isolation, and offers practical help and encouragement on getting through tough situations related to service, deployment and reentry. Drawing on their own personal experiences, our volunteer mentors provide individual and group support, sharing their knowledge and providing referrals to help fellow veterans, military personnel and their families find the resources they need. Read on »



Educational Workshops

SIS workshops are founded in the belief that not everything therapeutic happens in a counseling room. Often the social, educational and physical components of our workshops offer just the right help one needs. Read on »

Serving Those Who Served Us

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our mission

The mission of Strength In Support is to provide mental health services to military personnel, veterans and their families, including individual and family therapy, mentorship and education to address all areas of our heroes well being.



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