Imagine a place where you could be seen by a therapist, confidentially and immediately with very little paperwork.

A place where you could talk to a brother or sister in arms, or your partner could speak to a military spouse.

A place where others understood that your intellectual, physical, social and financial needs affect your emotional well-being.

Now imagine that these services are provided to you and all members of your family at little to no cost. 

welcome to Strength in Support

A place for everyone in the military community, no matter your years of service, type of service or discharge status.

Our 2019 numbers speak for themselves...

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"As a mentor for veterans, I get the opportunity to cultivate an awareness that not all disabilities are physical or can be seen. I empower, advocate, and encourage resiliency to challenge stereotypes. I know even a small change will have a ripple effect in changing a vet’s life."
Sandy Khim-Pamanian
Veteran Outreach & Veteran Mentor Coordinator​

The Invisible Wounds of War
for all U.S. Veterans...

20% have considered suicide

17% have made a plan to die by suicide

50% report that they did not receive help

44% have PTSD

46% have depression

"I guess I should start with what brought me to Strength in Support in the first place. I found this program on accident while searching for therapy options. I had been out of the military for almost a year and was running out of options as far as “figuring it out on my own.”
Kelse Mcclure
United States Marine Corps

Our Services

Mentorship SIS
Vet to Vet Mentorship
A mature adult male therapist gives advice to a multi-ethnic group of mid adult military veterans, some with injuries.
"SIS is pivotal in my healing."
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"I am better today than when I first got here."
Counseling and
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